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At Bask, we pride ourselves with a "NO GIMMICKS" policy; meaning you will not be harassed to purchase more.  Nor will there ever be hidden fee's or lengthy contracts!  We also guarantee 100% satisfaction with your tan and your experience here with us or we will be happy to give you your money back! 

Ergoline Tanning Beds
Worlds #1 Solariums

Ergoline Excellence 850 - High-Pressure- Level 5 - Macadam Location

The powerful Excellence 850 is a potent force to be reckoned with. Dominating tanning performance is achieved through 20 ultra VIT max high-pressure units in the canopy producing 84.1 kilojoules per minute, a neck tanner and shoulder tanner. Luxurious comfort features include temptronic climate control, vibra sound audio system and body wave light double-bend acrylic. The seductive paint finish and gleaming effect lighting highlight its gorgeous design. The Excellence 850’s controls are very user-friendly. Easily understandable picture icons and well-placed controls let you choose which functions you want. In addition, the voice guide feature provides assistance explaining each function of the tanning bed directly to you, the tanner.


  • Ultra VIT Max High-Pressure Body Units
  • Temptronic Climate Control - AC
  • 9 Body Vents for Ultimate Comfort
  • Shoulder & Neck Tanners
  • Vibra Sound - High Performance Stereo
  • Multi Relax Body Acrylic

Ergoline Open Sun 1050 - High Pressure - Level 5 - Clackamas Location
The Open Sun 1050 makes a statement with 30 high-pressure units perfectly aligned along the canopy and base. With its superior glass reflector technology and filter glass expertise, this Ergoline flagship demonstrates to the most discerning tanners how powerful, yet at the same time cool and airy, high-pressure tanning can be. Comfort features like the Multi Relax acrylic, a Stereo Sound package with external MP3 player connection and powerful Fan Cooling Plus make the tanning session fly by. The Open Sun 1050’s massive power and features are controlled by a panel with 32-field LED display. All operating controls are within easy reach of the tanning client and are marked with simple picture icons.
  • Pure Open Air Design with 360 Degree Tanning
  • 27 X 580-Watt VIT Max High-Pressure Body Units
  • 3 x 640-Watt Ultra Performance Facial Tanners with Glass Reflector System
  • Multi Relax Body Acrylic
  • Two-system Full Body Fan With Separate Comfort Control
  • Stereo Sound with MP3 dock station & High Performance Stereo
  • Easy To Use Control panel with 32-field LED Display
Ergoline Open Sun 550 - Ultimate in Tanning Comfort - Level 4 - Macadam & Clackamas

Feel like more tanning freedom? The Ergoline Open Sun series will give you that real convertible feeling. tan as if you were under an open sky with an innovative uv concept that eliminates the usual tanning tunnel. The Ergoline Open Sun series keeps your body covered while tanning, but your head remains in the open air. A.R.T. technology (Advanced Reflective Tanning) makes this possible. the high-pressure UV units arranged along the sides of the base, project the UV rays right onto the glass reflector surface on the upper part of the sunbed. The ultra coating only reflects those UV components useful for tanning. additionally, the computer-modeled positioning of the uv components ensures a very even distribution of the UV light, for the most even and long lasting tan. ac plus provides maximum cooling and enhances tanning enjoyment. The Open Sun series’ unique open-air design for the head area provides a completely new and unparalleled tanning experience. It's perfect for clients who dislike the "closed in" feeling of traditional beds or those who turn off facial tanners. the multi relax base acrylic is a totally new wide shape and includes an integrated headrest, relaxing armrests and variable footrests for a seamless all-over tan that promises a tanning experience without comparison!


  • Open Air Feeling through A.R.T Advanced Reflective Technology
  • Turbo Power - 160 Watt Body lamps
  • Air Condition Plus
  • Reflector Neck Tanner
  • Mutli Relax Body Acrylic
  • Stereo Sound
Ergoline Vertical - Stand-Up - Level 4 - Macadam Location
 The Ergoline Vertical is a compact power tower and newcomer in stand-up tanning. 48, 180-watt turbo power lamps ensure the highest tanning performance. The striking lifestyle motif and sleek aluminum skin makes the Vertical the center of attention. ergonomic handholds allow you to find your ideal tanning position. The overhead control panel, including voice Info, along with a powerful fan always ensures an enjoyable tanning session.


  • Ultimate In Tan Evenness - Ellipse-shaped system
  • Powerful - 50 180 Watt Lamps
  • 2 Meter High Performance UV Lamps
  • Comfort - Fan Cooling System
  • Freedom of Movement During Tanning

Ergoline Sunrise 480 - Stand-up - Level 4 - Clackamas Location
 The Ergoline Sunrise 480‘s tremendous tanning power makes it the envy of all other stand-up units. Generously equipped with 48 x 200-watt Turbo Power UV lamps that are 2 meters tall, it features a quick maximum exposure schedule and ensures total body coverage for your tallest tanners. For music enjoyment, a 3D-Sound system with MP3 player connection and SD card slot comes standard. This allows clients to listen to their own mix of music through this acoustically incredible system. And your customers will easily be able to hear music while maintaining a comfortable body temperature thanks to the Sunrise 480‘s Silent Cooling ventilation system. This system bathes the entire body in a pleasant flow of refreshingly cool air, yet is whisper quiet. All this takes the Ergoline 480 to extraordinary
heights of performance.
  • 48 x Ergoline VHP (200w Turbo Power)
  • Variable 1 - System Body Ventilation
  • 3D Sound With MP3 Docking Station & Built in SD Card
  • Control panel with 4-field LED display
  • User Friendly Controls with Voice-assisted service
  • 9 Min Maximum Sessions
Ergoline Ambition 300- Level 3 - Macadam Location
The strength of the Ambition 300 is evidenced by its use of 40 genesis technology turbo power lamps, high-pressure facials and surround tan design. The Ambition 300's VIT technology demonstrates Ergoline’s superior competence in photometric engineering. these exclusive, patented high-pressure units deliver enhanced uv transmission for a deep, even facial tan. You will appreciate the on-demand benefits of vit facials. Its combination of powerful uv lamps and uniquely oval tanning surface provide fantastic results via surround tan. This concept places the body in perfect alignment to the tanning lamps and helps eliminate uv "gaps and peaks" for an all over, even tan. skin-pleasing materials and ergonomic shapes define the Ergoline experience. The Ambition 300 is able to keep you cool and comfortable during the session with its powerful, yet quiet fan. Its high-flow capacity ensures the right amount of ventilation intensity for ample cooling and unparalleled refreshment.


  • Surround Tan -Provides Tan Consistency
  • Turbo Power Body Lamps
  • VIT High-Pressure Facial Units
  • Comfort - Large Rotary Fan
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Aluminum Reflector System

Ergoline Passion 40/3- Level 3 - Clackamas Location
The Ergoline Passion 40/3 Turbo Power is the top model of this new series and offers high-end tanning performance and comfort. The strength of this model is evident in its 40 Turbo/Super Power UV lamps, three 400-watt glass reflector high-pressure units and two additional UV-B spaghetti lamps in the facial area. This combination guarantees an intense and long-lasting tan. The use of glass reflectors in the facial tanners as well as additional spaghetti lamps enhances this sunbed’s appeal as having a true passion for power. Besides this compact sunbed’s amazing level of power, it also has premium comfort features. The ergonomic Bodyform Plus base acrylic perfectly positions the tanner for an even distribution of UV light and makes it as comfortable as a larger sunbed. The airflow available with the Comfort Cooling ventilation system is superior to simpler systems and provides a level of relaxation unique to this level of sunbed. Clients who want to have their own personal music will thoroughly enjoy the available Stereo Sound Plus system, which includes an MP3 player connection. All of this is controlled by the intuitive EZ-Touch glass front panel. It makes individual settings and adjustments a breeze. Finally, the distinctive lines and the illuminated décor give the Ergoline Passion 40/3 an incredible personality that fits any salon’s interior design.
  •  (40) 160 Watt Turbo Power Body Lamps
  • 3 x 400 watt Ultra Performance Plus Glass Reflector High-Pressure Facial Tanners
  • 2 x 8 watt Spaghetti Lamps In Facial Area
  • 6 Speed Body Ventilation System
  • Additional Face Ventilation With Two Adjustable Outlets
  • Stereo Sound WIth MP3 Docking Station