Sat, Feb 16, 2019 08:34
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want to meet the people that make Bask such a great place? we call ourselves the "bask family". more than just employees, we are friends & family. we love what we do and promise to make your visits with us an enjoyable experience! 


family owned and operated, bask opened it's doors in november of 2006.  at the time, we noticed the absence of high quality tanning salons in the area.  loving john's landing and the small community it is, this was the perfect place to open the first bask.  since then, it has grown to one of portland's best salons, and has been recognized nationwide for it's product quality and high level of customer service.  
when we first opened, we set out with the goals of consistency, perfection, cleanliness and innovation. our business is a symbol of the life we wish to live, who we are and what we believe. we strive for these ideas as well as hoping to create devoted, familial relationships with our clients.  we love what we do and getting to know each customer on a personal level.  we believe every customer should be treated like an honored guest in our home, and this idealogy is what makes bask such a special place. 
our purpose at bask is to provide excellent customer service and tons of fun! we want to know each one of our clients personally, much as this close-knit neighborhood is known for.  so come in, hang out and leave with a beautiful tan as well.
we look forward to meeting you,
-brant, jess, adalyn & olivia proden